Code Of Conduct

Remember: The group is public and therefore not a secure space, be very careful with sensitive information you share, particularly personal and location data.

Do not share any personal data other than your own and consider the implications of sharing any data before you post to the group.

Remember: The group is public and therefore not a totally secure space.

Do your own due diligence

This should be a safe place for everybody regardless of:
•  gender, gender identity or gender expression
•  sexual orientation
•  disability
•  physical appearance (including but not limited to body size)
•  race
•  age
•  religion

As someone who is part of this group, you agree that:
•  We are collectively and individually committed to safety and inclusivity.
•  We have zero tolerance for abuse, harassment, or discrimination.
•  We respect people’s boundaries and identities.
•  We refrain from using language that can be considered oppressive (systemically or otherwise)

eg. sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, classist, etc. - this includes (but is not limited to various slurs. We avoid using offensive topics as a form of humor.

We actively work towards:
•  Being a safe community
•  Cultivating a network of support & encouragement for each other
•  Encouraging responsible and varied forms of expression

We condemn:
•  Stalking, doxxing, or publishing private information
•  Threats of harm, harassment
•  Anything that compromises people’s safety

Demand Democracy only endorses peaceful and lawful action.

These things are NOT OK.

If you say something that is found offensive, and you are called out on it, let’s:
•  Listen without interruption.
•  Believe what the person is saying & do not attempt to disqualify what they have to say.
•  Ask for tips / help with avoiding making the offense in the future.
•  Apologize and ask forgiveness.

Failing to follow the community guidelines as described in this document will result in your immediate removal from the group.

If you experience abuse, harassment, discrimination, or feel unsafe, let the admins know.